Our 1665 Heavy Duty Rolling Doors are designed for safety, practicality and great appearance; built with high quality materials. The doors can meet and exceed the very stringent High Velocity Hurricane Zones (H.V.H.Z) requirements of the current edition of the Florida Building Code.

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Heavy Duty Roll-Up Door.
Model 1665/1665WR


Our Model 1665 Heavy Duty Rolling Doors are designed for safety, practicality and great appearance to be used in Commercial, Industrials, Residentials, Institucionals and other facilities; built with high quality materials, they can meet and exceed the very stringent High Velocity Hurricane Zones (H.V.H.Z) requirements of the Florida Building Code, having been Engineered and Tested in accordance with Protocols TAS 201, 202 & 203 by a Certified Laboratory. 

The 1665 door will bring you safety and security while enhancing the appearance of your building with the different finishes and options available. It is a durable, secure, customizable and compact door; a perfect fit for interior or exterior locations on industrial, commercial, residential or institutional buildings. 

Because of the above indicated certifications, our Heavy Duty Rolling Doors can be Impact Resistant (Large Missile shot at 50’ feet per second) and Rated for Hurricane Wind Load Pressures of up to ± 65 p.s.f

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A series of interlocking 22 gauge galvanized steel flat slats fitted with windlocks (designed to meet required wind loads) or endlocks. A variety of finishes available include: galvanized steel, white finish, grey finish, powder-coated paint, anodized aluminum and stainless steel.

Supports curtain and contains counterbalance torsion springs or band spring for assisting operation. Designed at 10,000 cycles, with the option up to 100,000 cycles for higher requirements.

Three-angle structural steel guides that support entire door weight and wind loads, while ensuring a smooth operation while opening and closing the door.

Protective sheet metal (24 gauge steel galvanized) enclosure for the curtain. Opcional finishes are powder coat painted and anodized aluminum.

3/16” or 1/4” steel plates to support the hood and counterbalance shaft.

Galvanized steel angle with a protective weather-strip reinforces the curtain and contains the locking mechanisms.

Heavy Duty Roll-Up Door


Rolling Door Manufacturing is a leading provider of door solutions for any application. The 1665 model is designed for safety, security and performance. It can be customized to meet your special project needs with fenestrations, custom colors, different mounting options and a huge variety of electric controls and operation, let us know what you need and we'll deliver. Our doors provide great value and a fast return on your investment, with low maintenance costs and a smooth operation.

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Made in USA Mobirise
  1. LABORATORY TESTED AND CERTIFIED - Our 1665-WR can be offered as a Wind Rated product, this door model is laboratory tested and certified by the State of Florida to withstand high velocity hurricane winds and impact from debris. (Wind load designs up to ± 65 P.S.F.). 
  2. RELIABLE PROTECTION - Provides reliable protection against robbery and vandalism, offering a high range of locking mechanisms with structural angle guides. 
  3. CUSTOM BUILT - Each door is custom built to exact opening size requirements and applications.
  4. SPACE OPTIMIZATION - Convenient space saving design, door coils upward without taking away usable space.
  5. LOW TO NO-MAINTENANCE COST! - Parts are built for heavy duty use and are tested to perform in the toughest environments.
  6. COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL USE - Ideal for warehouses, loading docks, stores, and many other types of buildings.

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